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Welcome to the Bentley User Management feedback site. We value your feedback, and our team regularly reviews your ideas and considers them for future improvements to our products and services.

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Please fix/update the IMS account creation notification email

To ensure user/recipient confidence that the IMS account creation email received is a legitimate email, please add a Bentley corporate logo and put spaces between names and leading/trailing text. As it is, this email looks suspicious in nature and...
Bert Fegyverneki 4 days ago in  0 Needs review

metadata populated through during merge process

metadata such as Openroads pavement depths should populate during the merge process to enable a single dgn to be issued to the client. Noting that in some instances, this does already occur, but not all.
Shayne Gillespie about 1 month ago in  0 Needs review

Add "AND Group" for searching

Currently there is no way to exclude multiple keywords from a search query using the "NOT LIKE" filter. Adding an OR group does not work due to the way searching works: The "OR group", doesn't run both search criteria as it is set to run only one ...
Remy Moerland 15 days ago in  0 Needs review

More fields to be display

When we add user to a project, we miss the column of the date the participants was ask to join the project and the date at which he accept. Also we would like to add display configuration so we could create different views for the columns. Has of ...
Luc Poulin about 1 month ago in  0 Needs review

Learning report

A few Admins have been requesting access to a report from LEARNserver content being accessed by users, it would be helpful to assist the drive the adoption and provide the accounts with visibility of what they are using (and what they're not but s...
Ramao Silveira Netto 3 months ago in  0 Needs review

New Users Added default to "Project Delivery Download" group.

I was wondering if there is a way that new, self-created user accounts could default to the “Project Delivery Download” group when creating an account for the Caltrans subscription? Caltrans has lots of new users across the state and the admin has...
Julie Romig 26 days ago in  0 Needs review

Projectwise Explorer vs Projectwise Web Viewer limit log in

We have user who need ProjectWise explorer (licensed) and user who only get the free PW Web Viewer. We would like to limit the PW Web Viewer User so they cannot log into ProjectWise Explorer. This would help us keep better control of who is using ...
Gayla Greis 29 days ago in  0 Needs review

Resetting Users Passwords from User Management

Can the reset password on the user’s behalf from User Management will be added back? That was pretty handy for me as a Georgia DOT ProjectWise Administrator. The City of Atlanta had a security breach about 3 years ago where lots of data was stolen...
Guest almost 3 years ago in  1 Future consideration

Monitoring open flows or other similar that has feature selection from Connect user management

it would be a better idea to have control over all the user's selected features history for using openflows products from one interface, than to opt for the restriction option and manage by exceptions. especially since our users are scattered all ...
Tarek Zoubeir 2 months ago in  0 Needs review


Wünschenswert wäre eine Möglichkeit, historisierte sisNET-Objekte zu reaktivieren und den MSLINK beizubehalten.
Alexandra Eickelmann 5 months ago in  0 Needs review