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Welcome to the Bentley User Management feedback site. We value your feedback, and our team regularly reviews your ideas and considers them for future improvements to our products and services.

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Add a tile for MAS Dashboard

Request is to have a MAS dashboard that PW corporate admin can validate and make update as needed.
Luc Poulin about 16 hours ago in  0 Needs review

Data Workbook – can the hardcoded limit of 25 points to load into the grid be increased?

Within 4D analytics Data Workbook – There is a hardcoded limit of 25 points to load into the grid. Can this be increased or made configurable in web page config?
Sam Scott 8 days ago in  1 Needs review

Data validation to prevent future dates & data being entered into data workpacks

Within 4D analytics in the Data Workpack Generation – Can we add a validation option to prevent adding future dates / data?
Sam Scott 8 days ago in  1 Needs review

Instantaneous radius in Station Offset Reports

Please can functionality similar to Bentley Railtrack be added to OpenRail to allow Instantaneous Radius information to be reported when running a Station Offset or Station Base Report. In Bentley Railtrack this functionality was toggled on by cli...
Michael CUNNINGHAM 21 days ago in  0 Needs review

Export summary spreadsheet of Configuration Pack components

Management of Configuration Pack components is an ongoing challenge where multiple Configuration Packs (picklist sets, picklists, templates and template elements (headers, strips, etc.) are in use in the one Cloud Instance. Need to be able to expo...
Isabella Jaukovic 13 days ago in  0 Needs review

All Code Checks to Read Material Definition Design Properties (Fy/Fu/Rt/Ry/Fcu) by Default

Relevant Ticket CS0214920 STAAD has added various "Steel" materials with varying yield/tensile strengths (e.g. STEEL_36_ksi, STEEL_275_NMM2). According to the AISC 360 Code Checks - improvements were added to read the material property's yield/ten...
Michael Duncanson 8 days ago in  0 Needs review

Synced Entitlement groups

Ability to use Azure synced groups for entitlement purposes. Right now its not possible to use the groups as entitlement groups. This can and will be used to ensure that users have access to the correct software licenses.
Tine Lai Andersen 9 days ago in  0 Needs review

OpenGround - Quick Error Fix when importing .ags

Current Status: Errors must be dealt with based on a case-by-case scenarios Wish List: Listing out common errors in a pop-up window Allowing some one-click solution (e.g. deleting the entire group of PTIM) There is a log within OG to document all ...
Dennis Wong 21 days ago in  0 Needs review

OpenGround - Linking fieldwork and lab test .ags

Current Status: Manually adjustments of lab test .ags in .xls / .txt required Wish List: A pop-up window allowing the mapping between fieldwork and lab test .ags (e.g. BH1 and BH01)
Dennis Wong 21 days ago in  0 Needs review

OpenGround - Quick Section Generation

Current Status: Manually drawing lines in OG interface for section generation Wish List: Input polylines (.dxf / .dwg / .shp) for section export Input points of polylines for section export Export the sections as .dxf / .dwg Establish an Autodesk ...
Dennis Wong 21 days ago in  0 Needs review