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Welcome to the Bentley User Management feedback site. We value your feedback, and our team regularly reviews your ideas and considers them for future improvements to our products and services.

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Resetting Users Passwords from User Management

Can the reset password on the user’s behalf from User Management will be added back? That was pretty handy for me as a Georgia DOT ProjectWise Administrator. The City of Atlanta had a security breach about 3 years ago where lots of data was stolen...
Guest over 3 years ago in  1 Future consideration

Add option to allow Administrators the option to reset user password

With the new CONNECT tools, account administrators are no longer able to request a Password reset. It would be better to offer a Administrators the option to reset user password, rather than crate a SR and have to waits hours days for a reply.
Guest over 3 years ago in  0

User Management Number of UserLines

Hello.It should be much simpler if it was possible to se more tan 10 users at the same time on the page.Thanks / Oskar
Guest over 3 years ago in  1

login date

The login date should be the correct last date used in connection client. This does not seem to be the case for all users.
Robin Graf over 3 years ago in  1 Future consideration

Instantaneous radius in Station Offset Reports

Please can functionality similar to Bentley Railtrack be added to OpenRail to allow Instantaneous Radius information to be reported when running a Station Offset or Station Base Report. In Bentley Railtrack this functionality was toggled on by cli...
Michael CUNNINGHAM 21 days ago in  0 Needs review

New filter: <attribute> is NOT equal to <value>

For example to find users where there is an inconsistency between their location and the license pool they are using: (Berechtigungsland == Deutschland) && (Land != Deutschland)
Guest almost 3 years ago in  0 Will not implement

iTwin Issues PDF export to be customisable

Please provide the ability to customise the PDF that gets exported from the issue resolution so that it can be placed on a specified letterhead and with the ability to adjust the layout.
Riyaan Moosa 4 months ago in  0 Needs review

Export user from project

We have the option to import users in a project, but no option to export
Luc Poulin 7 months ago in  0 Needs review

metadata populated through during merge process

metadata such as Openroads pavement depths should populate during the merge process to enable a single dgn to be issued to the client. Noting that in some instances, this does already occur, but not all.
Shayne Gillespie 9 months ago in  0 Needs review

Learning report

A few Admins have been requesting access to a report from LEARNserver content being accessed by users, it would be helpful to assist the drive the adoption and provide the accounts with visibility of what they are using (and what they're not but s...
Ramao Silveira Netto 11 months ago in  0 Needs review